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Warp Stabilizer

Interactable by pressing the 'F' key when close enough and facing the structure. This structure allows for the movement and warping in of new ships which is explained in greater detail in the Ship Details page under the Ships heading at the top of this page.

This structure does not require a power source.


Ship Movement

Having a minimum of one warp stabilizer in a sector enables the movement of one ship from an adjacent sector into the sector that contains the warp stabilizer. After the ship movement is initiated it will take 1 minute before the ship will teleport to it's new sector.


New Ship Warp-in

If there are two or more warp stabilizers in a sector it will be possible to warp in a brand new ship by interacting with one of those warp stabilizers. Warp in takes 5 minutes so it's usually best to warp-in ships in a well defended location first and then move them as needed. There must be fewer than the maximum of three ships already present for your team to be able to warp in a new ship.

If after initiating a warp-in in a sector enough warp stabilizers in that sector are killed so that fewer than 2 warp stabilizers remain in their sector the countdown for the warp-in will be cancelled. A new warp-in will need to be initiated and will take another 5 minutes to warp in. Ship movement behaves under similar rules, though there need be only 1 functioning warp stabilizer in a sector in that case.


Ship Emergency Re-Warp 

In the situation that all ships on a team are killed a new ship for that team will warp in without need of warp stabilizers after 10 minutes from the time that team's last ship was killed. 

The ship will warp into the sector that contains the oldest existing spawn node for that team.

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