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Observation Post

Possesses a destructible anchor structure with the observing portion of the station high above ground in the form a glowing white upside down teardrop shape. The observing portion of the structure can not be targeted nor impacted by any weapon.

Provides visibility from the observing portion of it's structure up to 3000m away. Can not see through tree growth or terrain.

This structure does not require a power source, and as such can be placed as an early warning system away from bases and to expand on Missile Defense Turrets effective range.


Orbital Defense

Fires at ships within 2km of the orbital defense, at roughly a third of the effectiveness of a ship.

Orbital defense can be used either defensively to restrict movement of enemy ships while maneuvering or warping in your own ships. However they can also be used offensively in order to catch an opposing team off guard by attacking an enemy ship seemingly well beyond the reach of your ships.


Utility Equipment Generator

Used to create specialized items that mostly focus on restricting/ creating new avenues of movement. In order to use the generator, players approach the it and press the 'F' key when nearby and facing it to show the menu of what items are currently available for procurement. See here for descriptions of the equipment available from this structure.

Requires 100 available energy from a power source to be placed.

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