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Power Source

The first structure that is required for practically any base. It provides up to 2700 units of energy toward powering any structures which require power within it's radius. Two Power Sources may not be placed in a position where their power radii would overlap. If a Power Source falls within range of another active Power Source it will self destruct.


If destroyed the previously powered structures will become unpowered. In this situation a new power source of either team can be placed down in range of the unpowered structures to make them allied to the new power sources team.

If enemy cargo is dropped within range of a friendly power source the cargo will be converted to your team allowing you to deploy it for your team.


Spawn Node

These are the structures used to spawn into the map. The direction that is faced when the spawn node is being deployed will be the direction that new vehicles will spawn in when using this spawn node from the spawn map. There is only enough power available at power sources for a maximum of one spawn node to be placed at each.

If all spawn nodes on a map are either destroyed or left unpowered for a team and there are no players left alive on the map that team will lose the game.

Requires 1400 available energy from a power source to be placed.


Launch Pad

Launches any player vehicle that travels within it's transparent field below its main structure. The player will be launched a large distance allowing for teams to rapidly move across the map if needed. Has no effect on structures or projectiles.

Requires 200 available energy from a power source to be placed.

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