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Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes can be picked up by interacting with them with the 'F' key by default. They fall from their parent ship to the ground over the course of a few seconds, after the ship has initiated a cargo drop action. Once picked up they can used to deploy the structures that they contained or dropped.


If you should capture an enemy cargo box you can bring it back to a friendly power source and it will be converted to your team within the power source allowing for you to then use it for your team.


Cargo Deployment

Once picked up, cargo boxes can be deployed, creating the structure that they contain using the 'C' key by default or dropped without deploying their structure by pressing 'X'.

In order to be deployed successfully there must be enough room for the structure to be placed without the structure colliding with other structures or terrain. Most structures also require a Power Source within range of their deployment location, though there are a few exceptions that do not require power to be placed including the Radar Station, Warp Stabilizer and ofcourse Power Sources themselves.

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