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Mines are placed by players and will explode if any enemy comes too close dealing substantial damage and blowing up any mine which is placed close to the exploding mine.

Mines can be used to restrict or slow movement in a part of the map. 

While mines can be painstakingly destroyed safely by tank or missile launchers, the process of sweeping an area of all mines could be very time consuming if the mines are placed to prevent overlap in their explosions.

trench digger.png

Trench Tool

Used to create trenches in deformable terrain such as ice or loose dirt found in some maps.

Trenches can be used either offensively or defensively. For example they could be used to dig trenches in the terrain all the way up to defenses safely under cover of the trench without having to contend with turrets. The tool could also be used to make a trench system to strengthen a defensive position by creating cover for defenders.


Quick-Grow Seeds

Causes a tree to grow at a random height after a few seconds in the location where the seed was planted.

Trees provide cover from observation by radar stations or ships overhead, and provide a potential location to stage an ambush if the tree grows small enough since players and structures can not see inside of the trees leaves.


Anti-Grav Pontoon Bridge

Creates a bridge from directly under the player in the direction the player is facing until it collides with a surface. The bridge can be destroyed by machine gun, and explosive fire. Bridges can not be placed while the player is on top of a current bridge, only from existing terrain or structures.

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