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Ship Command Screen and Voting

By pressing the numbers 1, 2 or 3 you can access the ship command screen for that specific ship. You can also access a ship's command screen by either clicking on it's button below the chat pane, or by hitting 'Tab' in order to bring up the general ship command map and then clicking on the ship icon that you wish to vote on an action for.

Once you are looking at a ship's command screen you will have the option to either vote on a proposed action or propose your own ship action. These actions include dropping cargo boxes, spawning fighters and nuking the ground below the ship. 


Drop Cargo

Drops 3 cargo boxes within it's current sector. The default cargo drops are combinations of structures centering around core structures, secondary structures, turrets and warp stabilizers, however you can use these setups as starting points and customize them as needed for the position your team is in.


Spawn Fighters

Creates 12 fighters that will divide up evenly to attack any enemy ships inflicting fairly substantial damage to their target ships. If no enemy ships are available the fighters will orbit around their mother ship till they self destruct or an enemy ship is warped in to attack.


Nuke Ground

Results in a huge sector-wide blast that obliterates vehicles and substantially damaging structures in the sector below this ship while creating a massive crater in softer terrain. This will also create a shockwave in the adjacent sectors pushing back vehicles, though not damaging them.

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